February 10, 2018

Abort Mag Review

Original article here: Pronounced Tri-Gram, not Trig-Ram as this reviewer initially thought (for some reason) this hard rock ensemble based out of Los Angeles will send you down a Wikipedia (Trigram) rabbit (Bagua) hole (History of Taoism) if you aren’t careful (South Korea). All I wanted was to know how to properly pronounce their name. Back on track three and a half hours later, having listened to the EP on repeat what must be about eighty-four times now while devouring wiki-pages I feel like I know these guys. Primarily, Trigram is a duo comprised of Rodney Warner, who works […]
February 6, 2018

MTM Review

Original article here: Los Angeles based rockers Trigram create music with serious artistic depth. Concocting a sonic layer cake of delicious hard rockin’ goodness, thick guitars, punch-you-in-the-gut drums, and powerful vocal performances combine to create a stimulating wall of sound that combines everything we love about bands like Alice In Chains, Tool and Deftones. Strong melodies, lush vocal harmonies, top notch guitar work and pristine production confidently and consistently impress on each of the four tracks found on Trigram‘s self-titled EP. From the opening Assimilate to the closing Tick Down, we are treated with sonic landscapes that hit you […]
February 5, 2018


Original article here: Trigram are a new band from Los Angeles whose debut self-titled EP draws on a number of styles of rock striking an interesting balance. They’re right to name such influences as A Perfect Circle and Deftones as part of their sound, as they manage to fuse 90-s influenced hard rock, alternative and shoegaze-style grunge and just the right touch of metal to their politically-tinged message. “Assimilate” is just one of three videos Trigram have released since their album dropped in late November. It really ramps up the visceral side of their stark message, pointing to devices […]
February 2, 2018

Alternative Control Review

Original article here: LA-based industrial artist Trigram released his debut EP in November 2017, commenting on topics from that range from social media addiction to relationship violence. In the video for lead single “Assimilate,” people are controlled by their devices in a post-apocalyptic world. But is that really so far off from the “pre-apocalyptic” world we live in today? Perhaps the end has already begun… The self-titled EP offers four solid tracks of industrial rock with intelligent lyrics.
January 20, 2018

Substream Magazine

Original article here: Trigram channels the best of industrial rock on self-titled EP By Substream Staff – Jan 5, 2018136 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Los Angeles hard rock act Trigram—a solo project crafted by vocalist, guitarist, and composer Rodney Warner—released a brand new, self-titled EP during the fall of last year. Featuring four tracks that total over 18 minutes, Trigram is a moody, industrial-tinged hard rock offering that’s equal parts heavy and thoughtful, with solid production to boot. Speaking on the state of mind—a dream actually—that basically served as the impetus for the EP, Warner says, “I […]
January 20, 2018

NewSIckMusic Write Up!

Original article can be found here: TRIGRAM – SELF-TITLED (EP) KAITLIN RUETHER, 58 MINS AGO EP & MIXTAPES ASSIMILATE, TRIGRAM [Listen to the EP here.] After years of making music for himself, Rodney Warner decided it was time to organize his talent into a release that could exist in the world. Something that could be shared, a project that would encompass all that he loves about his favourite artists — that is, big energy, layers of meaning that stay endlessly rewarding, and a bravery to tackle what is frightening in the world — and so, as Trigram, and with […]
January 19, 2018

East Coast Rocker Review!

Original article can be found here: Trigram obviously has problems with authority, but don’t we all? The new EP is simply called Trigram, named after the group. But it’s clear the band could have had a lot of thoughts to project on the title space on the EP. Trigram has composed and has recorded some innovative industrial metal-based tunes that are thought provoking if not a bit scary. With tracks called “Assimilate,” “Entropy,” “Bleed Out,” and “Tick Down,” it’s apparent Trigram is just counting off the days ’til doom occurs. Trigram has produced some interesting, action packed videos as […]
January 17, 2018

Heavy Metal T-Shirts Review!

Original article can be found here: TRIGRAM Self-Titled EP Review This week, we will be taking a closer look to the self-titled album of TRIGRAM, from Los Angeles, the USA. We will talk about the band’s attitude, the music, their mission and the influence. Metalhead Community Blog readers might remember the band; TRIGRAM. We wanted o take a closer look to their impressive self-titled debut album, which is one of the best albums, and also the best debuts of 2017 for us. We wanted to write another article about it and bring you the secret behind their success. First […]
January 16, 2018

Audible Addixion Review

Original article can be found here: Trigram, an epiphany birthed from a nightmare, woke up one night in 2016 with questions demanding a better outcome for his life. Rodney Warner stepped aside long enough for his alter-ego, Trigram, to emerge and commit to completing a work of art of which he would be proud. Out of the despair of realizing that life isn’t permanent, his mind was left in a weird space where he found himself wondering if at the end of his life he would be happy. And so Rodney got to working. Over the course of a […]
January 11, 2018

The Huffington Post!

Originally posted here: Review: Trigram Delivers Superb Industrial-Rock On Steroids 01/10/2018 06:06 pm ET PHOTO CREDIT: TRIGRAM Trigram recently dropped a self-titled EP, with four tracks. Trigram is the musical project of Rodney Warner, vocalist, guitarist and composer, who, waking from a nightmare, realized the transience of life. According to Warner, “I was left with feelings of how life isn’t a permanent thing. I’m going to die one day. My brain was just left in this weird space. I started asking, ‘Am I doing the right things in my life? If this will all end now, would I be […]
January 10, 2018

Metal Express Radio Review

Original article can be found here: Summary TRIGRAM Trigram January 5, 2018 Independent Maxxxwell Carlisle (at) 6.5/10 User Rating 5 (1 vote) Trigram’s four track debut EP captures a textbook blend of contemporary, radio-friendly, ending credit roll, accessible Modern Hard Rock. With a late 2000’s sound, impressive album production, vague hints of indie rock and atmospheric vibes, and tried-and-true songwriting structures, this is an excellent albeit passé debut for the Modern Hard Rock genre. Being that this is a relatively short release, even for an EP, Trigram has put forth a perfect testing-the-waters release, to gauge not only […]
January 10, 2018

Hella Rad Rating from Johny Taylor!

Originally posted at—Trigram Rating: **** I love metal. Anybody will tell you that. I love it so hard. I love butt rock and glam metal and hardcore and nu metal and even good old-fashioned heavy metal. Trigram is metal with an industrial edge. I usually dig bands like that. Their new self-titled EP comes to us promising content discussing comfort in this new dystopian age of social media. Sounds neat. But is it? There’s really only one way to find out. Let’s listen to it. Watch the music video for “Assimilate” on YouTube here: The title track “Assimilate” comes […]
January 8, 2018

On Stage Magazine Review!

Amazing review by on Stage Magazine! Original article here:
January 8, 2018

Music-News Review!

Originally posted on “I’ll keep digging/Till I feel something”. The perplexed yet resolute battle-cry of Generation Y, the brood of seekers who propagated a new renaissance of transmuted hippyism in their own jaded fashion. Wedged between two generational pillars (Gen X and the Millennials) that are known far more for their stylistic and social mores than their philosophical or spiritual assertions, the wearied dreamers of the Y era have been somewhat left adrift in this vain new world. Just as the sixties tribe had followed Lennon on their spiritual quest, the young masses of the nineties had their pied […]
January 7, 2018

Sputnik Music Review

This review was originally posted here:—Self-Titled-EP/ Review Summary: Heavy music based on nightmares that is still easy to listen to. Rodney Warner or Trigram to all of us in musical masses based on this, his self-titled EP seemingly has some heavy nightmares. And by heavy, I mean really heavy in every respect – heavy in their content and themes and heavy in the sense of the music he has presented them in. And that can certainly present some, ahem, heavy listening. Bearable or unbearable, certainly would depend on the ears of the beholder. Which one is it in this […]
January 4, 2018

Alternative Nation Says Trigram Will Rock Your Face Off!

Amazingly awesome review in Alternative Nation’s blog. You can check out the original article here: Trigram Will Rock Your Face Off! By Joe Hughes – Jan 3, 2018 0 If you’re looking for to discover that next great band for the new year, look no further than Trigram. Hailing from Los Angeles, Trigram deliver the goods with their own chaotically beautiful brand of industrial-infused rock. In your face, brooding and wonderfully layered, the band’s freshly released self-titled EP is an absolute must listen for fans of early-00’s rock and metal. The EP packs a mighty punch. Consisting of four […]
January 3, 2018

Rock Era Magazine Review

The awesome people over at Rock Era Magazine wrote the following review. Read the original here: The Los Angeles-based hard rock/industrial solo project band “Trigram” released their self-titled EP on November 17, 2017 which produced by Brian Mansell. The EP includes for four songs and they are; Assimilate, Entropy, Bleed Out and Tick Down. Assimilate is also presented in a well-made music video as Alex Frey-directed the video conveys the homogenization of humanity in an inspired dystopian display. “’Assimilate’ takes a metaphoric look at conformity in social media through the lens of a post-apocalyptic world where a supreme leader […]
December 31, 2017

The A&R Factory Review

TRIGRAM – ASSIMILATE: MOVE OVER ROB ZOMBIE Originally Posted on 31st December 2017 at: Orchestrating the perfect metal track is never an easy task, but Trigram come pretty close in their latest track Assimilate, the stand out track from their debut EP Assimilate. It’s got everything any fan of the heavier genres could possibly need, Yes, that includes one of the best guitar riffs that I’ve heard this year, combined with the bands pounding resonant percussion. The strong vocals behind the track turn this track into the ultimate metal anthem. Whilst the band only formed in 2016, they’ve certainly […]
December 30, 2017

Heavy Metal T Shirt’s EP Review

Originally posted on Heavy Metal T Shirt’s review blog. Original article: TRIGRAM Trigram Album Review TRIGRAM Trigram Album Review This week, we are going to feature another promising hard rock band Trigram, from Los Angeles, the USA. We will review their debut EP album; Trigram, which was released on November, 13, 2017, along with its style, production, recording quality, potential and more. TRIGRAM Trigram Album Review TRIGRAM Trigram Album Review I came across Trigram about a month ago and watched their Assimilate video on youtube. After this interesting journey, I started to read more about the band and realized that […]
December 26, 2017

Salute Magazine’s Synopsis of the Assimilate video

Rock band Trigram ventures into the post-apocalyptic dreamscape with the new video for their song “Assimilate.” In this new video for the song Assimilate, Trigram makes us ponder, what is our reality? Opening up with the characters clad in scrubs all plugged into televisions and cell-phones, the main character is visualized like a slave on a chain-gang carrying large pails of water through a trash-riddled desert. Each of the background characters in scrubs are all being controlled remotely by a dictator-like figure with eerily peeling pale green-gray skin that makes one’s skin crawl. Singer/Songwriter behind Trigram, Rodney Warner, explained how […]
December 25, 2017

In The Press: That Eric Alper Mention

That Eric Alper mentioned the video for Assimilate in their recent music roundup article. “Brilliant, dark, deep, mysterious. If you’re a fan of Nine Inch Nails, Tool or Alice In Chains, this is for you.” Read original article here:
December 20, 2017

Rick Florino Interview

Many ancient cultures stress the importance of dream interpretation. Our nocturnal musings and meanderings reveal quite a bit about our subconscious and who we may or may not be in the physical and metaphysical worlds. Appropriately, the story of Trigram starts with a dream. The musical alter-ego of vocalist, guitarist, and composer Rodney Warner formally birthed from a nightmare in mid-2016… “I was left with feelings of how life isn’t a permanent thing,” he sighs. “I’m going to die one day. My brain was just left in this weird space. I started asking, ‘Am I doing the right things in […]
December 15, 2017

Interview w/ Broadtube Music Channel

Tell us about your song. The song “Assimilate” is about conformity. It’s about the pressures of agreeing with others. Because of the way that social media tailors our news feeds and such our viewpoints are, in a way, being force fed to us turning us all into very narrow minded people. Tell us about you as a person outside the musical world. Im a pretty normal guy. Im lucky enough to have amazing people in my life. I work on the computer which gives me a certain level of freedom to spend time creating. Tell us about you as a […]
December 2, 2017

Its EZ Breezy Write Up

As signified by the trigram of fire on the cover of the EP, Trigram is letting loose their pent-up energy and passion into a set of brooding, hard rock songs. Influenced by 90’s hard rock such as NIN, Tool and others, the band unleashes an assault on the ears that addresses topics ranging from conformity to drug addiction to relationship violence. This is guitar-driven rock of the highest caliber that remains relatable and listenable. And despite all the aggression! Or maybe because of it. The lead track “Assimilate” leads us into a controlled society where assimilation is a must. Punctuated […]
December 1, 2017

Trigram in Top Mega News

Following a distressed marriage, ASSIMILATE takes a metaphoric look at conformity in social media through the lens of a dystopian world. Appropriately, the story of Trigram starts with a dream. The musical alter-ego of vocalist, guitarist, and composer Rodney Warner formally birthed from a nightmare in mid-2016… “I was left with feelings of how life isn’t a permanent thing,” he sighs. “There was something missing. I’d been playing music my whole life, but I never finished anything to be proud of. I never fully committed to a piece of art. It was finally time do a record.” Inspired by the […]
November 27, 2017

Lucy McCourt Indie Playlist

Trigram added to the top picks for December playlist on Lucy McCourt’s music blog. Read original here: December Indie playlist! Trigram – Tickdown This is a fantastically layered hard rock from the track from US-based band ‘Trigram’. With its intro teases the listener for just the right amount of time before smashing in with the headbanging worthy drums. It’s a really well produced and recorded track that while heavy does settle really well. Its’ a bit on the long side, however, it doesn’t feel like a chore and the last minute is definitely the most explosive. For fans of ‘Tool’ […]
July 29, 2017


Original article here: LA based hard rock project Trigram takes a nod to the heavy bands of the 90’s while incorporating the production touches of modern day. The music is the result of a year long creative journey of blood, sweat, and tears all culminating into this short but dense freshman release. Lyrical concepts ranging from drug addiction and genocide to technological dependencies and violence, meld with dark, guitar-driven songs to make for an aggressive yet melodic listening experience. The band has recently released the official video for the single “Assimilate” which appears on their new self-titled EP “Trigram”. […]